An Interview with Top Chef and Spice Expert Konrad Geiger

Herbaria: Is there a rule of thumb for seasoning correctly?

Konrad Geiger: Seasoning at the right time is important for perfect eating pleasure. Each seasoning and each blend has an ideal time.

Herbaria: What happens if you add the seasoning at the wrong time?

Konrad Geiger: Pepper, for example, becomes bitter if it is added at the outset with too high a cooking temperature. Other spices lose their aroma and their tang if they spend too long in the pot. The labels on Herbaria’s Organic Gourmet spice blends therefore provide recommended timings for when the spices should be added: “Rub into the meat prior to cooking”, “Sprinkle over the dish shortly before the end of the cooking time”, etc.

Herbaria: What else do you need to look out for when seasoning?

Konrad Geiger: Some spices are best cooked together with the other ingredients; others are ideally suited to marinating in oils or brines prior to cooking. I include helpful suggestions for this in my recipes. These are available as package inserts with the Organic Gourmet spice blends which I have created for Herbaria or else here on the Organic Gourmet internet site.

Herbaria: Which spices go well together?

Konrad Geiger: What is important is that the aromas harmonise with each other without one dominating the other. You can play around with contrasts or else with similar flavours, that’s up to you.

Herbaria: That doesn’t sound all that simple. Do you have to be a top chef to be able to season correctly?

Konrad Geiger: My motto is “Don’t be afraid of seasoning because there are in fact only a few things you need to pay attention to. Have the courage to be creative.” Spices are a wonderful natural invention which enriches our cooking. Sophisticated spices turn many dishes into delectable delicacies.

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