Konrad Geiger - the “Bio”-graphy of a top chef

Culinary Cosmopolitan and Organic Philosopher
A Portrait of Top Chef Konrad Geiger, Creator of the Organic Gourmet Flavour Combinations

“It was the enticing diversity of cuisines in America that made me want to become a chef”, says Konrad Geiger. Today the son of German immigrants is famous for his imaginative and tempting crossover compositions. The inventor of “Bavarian sushi”, comprising salmon trout, radish, potato and Savoy cabbage, Geiger is much more than a chef – he is a postmodern kitchen artist.

In unmistakeable style, he combines local products with the international art of cooking and the rich treasuries of traditional knowledge of the different cuisines of the world. “What interests me, for example, is how I can integrate the earthy flavours which a Moroccan clay pot imparts on the food into elegant dishes.”

Geiger gathered his inspirations from around the globe while working as chef on board the luxurious MS Europa cruise ship. Yet his enthusiasm for the discovery of new culinary worlds goes back to his childhood on the North West Pacific coast of the United States. “I come from a Mecca for foodies where you can find wine, seafood, fish, fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry from the Napa Valley, the South Seas, the Caribbean, Alaska or South America.”

While the professional chef is open-minded in his kitchen experiments, he is entirely uncompromising when it comes to the quality of his ingredients: only products from organic farms and from ecologically reared livestock make it on to the plate with this chef and his top-quality dishes. Plus, there is also the strong ecological philosophy, which he brings from home: the Geiger family runs an organic farm in their spare time.

“For me spices are the means to making foodstuffs come alive.”

Konrad Geiger was born in 1969 in Los Angeles, USA, the son of German parents and with a great-aunt who works as a private chef in Beverly Hills. The family moved to Washington, the “Evergreen State”, when Konrad was six years old. Geiger won several national cooking competitions while still at college, and trained as a chef in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Other milestones include Zermatt in Switzerland, sous-chef on the MS Europa cruise ship and head chef of the Stuttgart Restaurant "Alt-Cannstadt". From 2001 to April 2007, he ran the "Fürstenfelder" organic gourmet restaurant in Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria.

Konrad Geiger has been an organic consultant to the gastronomy and retail trades since May 2007, applying his specialist culinary and logistical expertise in a range of areas including organic certification, innovative menu adaptations and organic gourmet product ranges, for example. As an expert in sophisticated cuisine with a discerning organic quality philosophy when it comes to the raw materials, he also shares his expertise in seminars, cooking courses and cookery demonstrations. Konrad Geiger is a member of the Bio-Spitzenköchen (Top Organic Chefs) and the Eurotoques healthy eating initiative.