Organic Gourmet Seasonings

Roast Meat Seasoning

Description: Spice blend for roast or pan-fried beef, veal and porc. Created by top chef Konrad Geiger.

Available size: 1 stackable flavour-seal tin à 100 g

Ingredients: Rock Salt, Mustard Flour*, Caraway*, Fennel*, Coriander*, Black Pepper*, Garlic*, Cumin*, Orange* and Lemon Granules*, Chillies*. *Certified organically grown.

Tip: Sprinkle "Sunday Roast" onto the meat or rub it in before roasting.
Konrad Geiger: "For perfect enjoyment, it’s very important to season at the right time. Every seasoning and every blend has an ideal time."

A recipe composed exclusively for the Organic Gourmet Seasonings:
» Slow Roasted / Braised Pork Shoulder with a Crust