Organic Gourmet Seasonings

Corsican Herbs

Description: Spice blend for Mediterranean meat, fish and vegetable dishes. A wonderful all-round seasoning. Also suitable for summertime cheese spreads. Created by top chef Konrad Geiger.

Available size: 1 stackable flavour-seal tin à 80 g

Ingredients: Rock Salt, Long Pepper*, Myrtle Leaves*, Lemon* and Orange Granules*, Sage Leaves*, Lavender Flowers*, Thyme Flowers* and Leaves*, Olive Leaves*, Oregano*, Juniper Berries*. *Certified organically grown.

Tip: For dishes with long cooking times sprinkle over 15 minutes before ready. For pan-fried dishes season at the beginning. Konrad Geiger: "For perfect enjoyment, it’s very important to season at the right time. Every seasoning and every blend has an ideal time."

Recipes composed exclusively for this Organic Gourmet product:
» Sea bream with “Scent of the Macchia” and vegetables en papillot
» Mediterranean Cream Cheese Spread