• Scent of the Macchia

    Seasoning salt for Mediterranean meat, fish and vegetable dishes. An excellent all-round spice, also suitable for summery cream cheese spreads.

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  • Eureka!

    Mix of spices for gyro, minced meat, grilled and roasted meat and vegetables. Also goes well with dips, curd or yoghurt. Ideal for summer cuisine.

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  • Neptune’s dream

    Seasoning salt for Mediterranean fish dishes, but also ideal for bruschetta, tomato sauces, pasta or vegetables.

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  • Petit Chef

    Mix of spices for ratatouille, vegetable soups, stews and pasta sauces. Excellent for Mediterranean cuisine. Also goes well with fish fillet or meat.

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  • Pizza e Pasta

    Seasoning salt for use in a mill. For pizza and Italian pasta dishes. Simply grind and enjoy!

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  • Provençal wild blossoms

    Spice mix for Mediterranean lamb and vegetable dishes. "Provençal wild blossoms" are also suitable for special desserts.

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  • The happy truffle

    Mixture for fine risotto, pasta, mushroom and stew dishes or fine Mediterranean salad dressings.

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  • Maestro di BBQ

    Mix of spices for meat, chicken, fish, seafood, grilled cheese, feta or vegetables. Also suits dips or pasta wonderfully. Very versatile in use, slightly hot.

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  • Pizza e pasta (mill)

    Seasoning salt for pizza and Italian pasta dishes. Simply grind and enjoy!

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