We're passionate about your enjoyment

What inspires and motivates us

Organic: for us, this is a clearly defined, comprehensive assurance of quality. assurance. As a specialist in organically produced spices, herbs, teas and coffees, we’re committed to offering you healthy, natural, safe, tasty foods for delicious nutrition.

Our organic standpoints

Health and enjoyment

With our natural products, we want to provide delicious enjoyment and at the same time do something beneficial for your health and fitness. The needs of gourmets, who have been neglected by the organic sector for so long, are particularly close to our hearts: we promise peak culinary experiences in organic quality!

Active environmental protection

Active environmental protection is part of our philosophy. We take long-term responsibility for nature and the climate of our earth. We therefore procure our raw materials from sustainable, organic agricultural producers and further process them in a natural and resource-saving way. Our concern is to protect our soils, to save water and energy and to foster biodiversity.

Fair trade and social commitment

We procure our organically grown raw materials from small agricultural producers and actively support the preservation of jobs in agriculture, as well as responsible relationships through fair prices. Social projects are particularly close to our hearts. For quite some time now, we’ve been involved in excellent, intensive collaboration with the Oberland Workshops, as well as the Chiemgauer Workshops for Life Assistance – facilities that offer jobs for people with disabilities.


What counts for us is first-class organic quality. This is why, in all areas of our company, we not only follow the legal directives of the EU Organic Regulation but, even beyond that, the stricter standards of the Bioland growers’ association as well as the Federal Organic Producers and Traders Association (BNN). As a cofounder and dedicated member of the BNN, we guarantee the highest organic quality. Our organically produced products are thus characterised by their certified, ausgewiesene, transparent, verifiable quality. This includes, for example, excluding genetically modified raw materials and chemical preservatives as a matter of principal.

Sustainable packaging

To keep our promise to the environment, we think it’s imperative to use sustainable packaging materials. Thus, our tinplate can, manufactured in Germany, is an almost 100 % recyclable packaging that offers optimal product and flavour protection for our Organic Gourmet series. We also use Innovative ecological packaging solutions such as apple paper for our products too.

Closeness between producers and consumers

The organic market is not an anonymous mass market. It’s very important to us to guarantee our consumers transparency in the production chain. We are concerned to design the organic market to meet the individual requirements of our customers and thus build relationships of trust and closeness with the producers of our daily food.